Dress Code


• 2-4 button solid polo-style shirt with collar-no logos
• White, navy blue, yellow
• SFMS polo-style shirts are acceptable
• Midriff shirts are not permitted
• Undershirts and under garments, solid white, grey, no logos or designs and may not be visible.
• Must not be oversized

• Khaki, Navy or Black twill-no denim
• Must fit at hipbone, be hemmed, and must not touch the ground or be cut at the seam, be rolled or pegged
• Baggy, oversized or sagging pants are not permitted
Skirts, Skorts, Jumpers, Shorts
• Khaki, Navy or Black twill-no denim
• Length must be no shorter than three inches above the knee. Shorts may not be rolled up to make them shorter than three inches above the knee

• Long solid sleeve pullover (NO hoodies)—no logos
• May be navy blue, white, or gray
• SFMS sweatshirts permitted
• May not be oversized
• Jackets and coats may be worn to school, but may not be worn in the classroom

• Must be solid (no design)
• Must be worn with skirts that are aligned with dress code
• May be white or navy blue

• Tennis style are preferred
• Sandals are allowed (must have back)
• Shower shoes/water, flip-flops or house shoes are not permitted

Jewelry and Accessories
• Chains on clothing are NOT permitted
• Piercing of the face will be limited to the ears only (NO gauges).
• Jewelry must be tasteful and not excessive.
• No tattoos including drawing on self with markers or pens
• No sun glasses are not permitted

• Must be a natural color and no style permitted that would cause a distraction to classroom instruction
• No facial hair of any kind
• No designs, lines in hair or eyebrows
• No hats, bandanas, hair nets, or do-rags

Spirit Day Dress Code – Days will be designated by building principal
• Jeans must fit at top of hipbone, be hemmed, and must not touch the ground or be cut at the seam
• Blue jeans only, (NO colors). Blue jeans may not be ripped or torn in any way
• Students may wear SFMS spirit shirt, or appropriate uniform top