Welcome to Spring Forest Middle School!

It's About Working Together 
In SBISD, two-way dialogue, information sharing and community input are part of our DNA. We're proud of a long and very successful history of strong community involvement.

Local residents provide valuable, ongoing guidance and support to the district and reflect the Board of Trustees' and district leadership's interest in tapping into local expertise and resources.

District Snapshot
The Memorial/Spring Branch area and its public school district form a diverse community of about 188,000 residents, most of whom live in west Houston or one of several incorporated villages.

SBISD encompasses 44 square miles, and its families represent the nation's economic spectrum from privilege to poverty. Many residents have lived in Spring Branch all their livees, while others are new to the area.

SBISD is nationally known for its educational excellence. It continues to attract families - including families of returning sons and daughters who grew up here - who rank quality of education as a top priority. Year after year, our college-readiness indicators exceed regional, state and national averages.